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All Hands on 

Let's make a change together! Leaving behind things like oil, gas, and chemicals is a big job. It means we all need to work as a team, using our different skills and ideas to dream up better ways to live in our towns and cities. If you want to help out, there are lots of ways to do so. Join us and be a part of making our world a cleaner and happier place for everyone. Let's get started!


Join our team of passionate volunteers. Whether it's helping with events, outreach, or digital campaigns, your time and skills are invaluable.

You can volunteer your time or skills to help the larger movement or to get involved on a localized community level. 

Get active

Your involvement is what drives change. Attend workshops, join protests, or participate in campaigns to protect our environment and communities.

Getting involved on the ground in your community is the only way to make your voice truly heard by those in positions of power.


Every dollar supports our mission to combat environmental threats. Donate today to help us continue our advocacy, education, and community support.

It isn't cheap to go up against one of the largest and most powerful industries on the planet. 

Stay Informed

Keep informed and engaged by subscribing to our newsletter. You'll receive the latest on our efforts, updates on ongoing projects and development and learn how you can get involved.

Our Allies

We're in this together! Shifting away from harmful industries is a team effort, involving a vibrant community of individuals and organizations moving in harmony towards a healthier society. Below, you'll find some of our strategic partners and allies who are already on this journey with us. Interested in joining forces? We'd be thrilled to have you on board and add your name to our growing list of change-makers.


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P.O. Box 455

Barnesville, Oh 43713

(740) 309-5017

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