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About OVA

Founded by Jill Hunkler, the Ohio Valley Allies (OVA) has become a beacon of environmental advocacy and community empowerment in the Ohio Valley Region and beyond. As a “fracking refugee,” Jill Hunkler's personal journey is felt in her dedication to challenging corporate narratives, holding industry and officials accountable, and tirelessly providing resources, supporting community science projects, and fostering connection and knowledge for communities to advocate for their own best interests. This grassroots organization, built for and by the people of the greater Ohio Valley and beyond, unites a diverse and talented group of individuals committed to a vision of peace, environmental justice, and thriving communities free from the legacy of predatory and toxic industries.

Meet The Team

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Jill Antares Hunkler

is a mother, teacher, artist, grassroots organizer, and environmental & community advocate.  She is a seventh generation Ohio Valley resident in Belmont County, Ohio the most heavily fracked in the state. She considers herself a fracking refugee. Due to the vast oil and gas infrastructure that polluted her country home in the Slope Creek Valley, she experienced negative health impacts, and was forced to relocate. She educates the public about the threats we face due to the polluting and destructive oil and gas and petrochemical industries. She has helped empower people in her community and beyond to stand up for their rights for a healthy environment. Together they had some success in their protective campaigns. Her mission is to promote peace, clean energy solutions, and a healthy and protected Mother Earth for current and future generations.


Mary Aguilera

was led to the work she is currently doing for Ohio Valley Allies through organizing for the Ohio Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. She is a native of NH and lived in Cincinnati, OH for 20 years. She has a degree in Organizational Leadership. She has been working to address the interlocking systemic issues of poverty, racism, militarism, environmental devastation and threats from the Oil and Gas Industry in the Ohio Valley and beyond since 2017. Building capacity everyday for a Global Beloved Community is her goal. Forward Together! 


Stuart Day

is a father, a small business owner, Professional artist, and co-owns a small organic farm in western Pennsylvania with his wife and father-in-law. A lifelong environmentalist and outdoorsman, one of Stuart's passions is a belief that regenerative agriculture can play a critical role—as important as green energies—in dealing with the cascading environmental issues we face today. As a formally trained woodworker and luxury luthier for the past 20 years, Stuart has an intimate understanding of international supply chain issues regarding natural resources and forestry practices. Passionate bout rural living and small town America, Stuart wants to bridge the gap that exists between urban and rural environments so that everyone understands what's happening in small communities in this country and how industrial development in these places impacts us all


Waya Moon Slater

is a graduate of Penn State University where she studied Communications with a minor in Digital Media Analytics. Immediately after graduating, Waya started working at Flying Scooter Productions as a Marketing Intern and she quickly made herself an invaluable part of their team. She progressed to a Producer role at Flying Scooter and within her first year produced her first feature length documentary. She is quick-witted, detail-oriented, focused and very organized, making her an invaluable part of our team as well.

Forest Lake

What We Do

Our efforts are rooted in the traditions of our ancestors, which includes stewardship of the land and service to the community.  When fracking invaded our homelands, we began researching the impacts of the oil and gas industry and witnessed first hand its devastation.  Ever since, our goal has been to awaken the people to the harms of this industry and empower communities to protect themselves from oil and gas and associated industries which includes petrochemicals for plastic and hydrogen. We also seek solutions and strive to promote the systems of change that put  an end to the fossil fuel economy and empire. 


Every community has its own identity, shaped by its culture, history, strengths and challenges. Some are rooted in generational farming, while others have grown around particular industries and trades. OVA recognizes the uniqueness of each community and aspires to offer solutions based on the particular needs of those in harm's way. . We understand that within these communities, there are individuals who place their hopes in the promises of new oil, gas, petrochemical and hydrogen development. We do not  impose our views on any community. We simply share the research and lived experience of the negative impacts from these industries. The community then decides for themselves which path they want to support moving forward.

How We Do It

Our experience has shown us that these industries bring with them expert negotiators and marketers, Savvy PR teams and lobbyists and professionally crafted environmental and economic impact studies all designed to sell their projects to the community and its leaders. This presents a real challenge for citizens who are already occupied with managing their farms, raising families, running small businesses, and maintaining their homes. 

It can feel overwhelming to figure out if a project is beneficial for you, your family, or your community, especially when you don't have the time or resources to fully investigate it and challenge these powerful companies’ narratives.


This is the gap Ohio Valley Allies aims to fill. Our mission is to  inform and empower people with the tools necessary to be good stewards of the land and to protect themselves from irresponsible development. We provide insights and knowledge to counteract the industry's narratives, exposing flaws in their studies and highlighting deceptive practices.


Our goal is to empower communities by equipping them with scientific data and a broader understanding of the industry's impacts, ensuring they are not exploited. We strive to protect the environment and public health from the adverse effects of these projects, ensuring that the voices and concerns of communities and landowners are heard and respected.


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