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Threats To The Ohio River Valley

Our region faces critical environmental threats from industrial developments that compromise our health, environment, and future. Ohio Valley Allies (OVA) is committed to educating and mobilizing communities to address these challenges head-on.


Hydraulic Fracturing 

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves injecting high-pressure fluid underground to extract oil or gas from rock formations. This process has profound implications for local environments and communities and has been linked to a number of serious health issues for local residents.

Key concerns

Serious Health Impacts: Affects nearby residents, animals, and ecosystems.
Water Usage and Contamination: High consumption and potential for groundwater and surface water contamination.
Induced Seismic Activity: Triggering of earthquakes due to high-pressure fluid injection.
Air Pollution: Emission of methane and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Exacerbating Climate Impacts: Contribution to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions.


Petrochemical Expansion

Petrochemical facilities, including cracker plants and storage sites, pose significant risks to our health and environment due to their toxic emissions and the potential for catastrophic accidents. These developments not only pollute our air and water but also threaten the fabric of our communities by perpetuating environmental and economic injustices.

Key concerns  

Health Risks: From toxic emissions and exposure to plastic products.
Air and Water Pollution: Contamination from production processes.
Long-term Environmental Impact: Persistent pollution due to plastic production.
Local Real Estate and Small Business Impact: Potential devaluation and negative effects on local economies.
Increase in Oil and Gas Production: Boosting fossil fuel dependency and associated environmental concerns.

Oil Refinery

Waste Water

From Oil and Gas Industry

The disposal and management of wastewater from oil and gas extraction are fraught with hazards. This wastewater often contains harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and radioactive materials that can contaminate water supplies, pollute soils and harm ecosystems and have adverse effects on public health.

Key concerns  

Risk of Spills and Leaks: Potential for accidental releases during handling and transport.
Contamination of Surface and Groundwater: Threats to water quality from improper disposal.
Inadequate Regulatory Oversight: Lack of stringent disposal practices, posing risks to human and environmental health.


And Carbon Capture

Hydrogen is portrayed as a "clean" source of energy for powering industry, but it's important to distinguish marketing from facts. The Appalachian Hydrogen Hub would create hydrogen from fracked gas. This process is highly energy intensive, extends fracking activity, and produces CO2 and other pollution. The hub would also use carbon capture technology, which is expensive, risky & unproven at scale.

Key concerns  

Project Expenses: Costs passed to Appalachian families via utility bills or taxes.
Temporary Job Creation: Only a short-term increase in construction jobs, without addressing long-term job and population loss in the region.
Continued Reliance on Fracking: Maintains dependency on fracking, associated with health impacts like cancer and birth defects.
Risks of Carbon Storage: Experimental technology posing threats of water contamination, pipeline ruptures, and induced seismic activity. Additionally, the full spectrum of potential problems remains unknown, warranting greater caution.

Addressing These Threats

OVA works tirelessly to monitor these developments, advocate for stricter regulations, and support communities in the Ohio River Valley and beyond. Through education, advocacy, and direct action, we aim to halt the harmful expansion of petrochemical operations, ensure responsible handling of oil and gas wastewater, and challenge the proliferation of fracking. Join us as we strive for a sustainable, healthy future for our region and beyond.

Learn how you can help and become involved in the movement here

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