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WTRF Coverage of Austin Masters


Apr 20, 2024

Austin Master Services concerns community after illegally storing excess brine and drilling waste

Reported by WTRF is news in the still ongoing issue regarding the illegal holding/management of toxic waste at the Austin Masters facility. After years of please from activists and community members the government has finally stepped in. What troubling is how far flood waters from recent storms have reached from the Ohio River, recently breaching one of the doors of the facility but not making it quite to the materials being stored. It really is only a matter of time.

"MARTINS FERRY, Ohio (WTRF) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost requested a temporary restraining order against Austin Master Services, an oil, gas, and radiological waste management company, due to the accumulation of dangerous waste materials exceeding the permitted limit.

Jill Hunkler, founder and director of Ohio Valley Allies, says residents in the area and throughout the state have been concerned about the facility and have been fighting to put an end to it for 10 years."

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