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Empower , Sustain , Thrive Together.

Shining light on the truth about the adverse impacts of oil, gas, hydrogen, and petrochemical projects, we provide essential tools, knowledge, and support for the protection of our environment, health, and communities. Our mission is rooted in acknowledging systemic injustices such as colonialism, racism, and poverty, aiming to foster a culture of mutual respect. We empower communities to safeguard their rights, interests, and to protect Mother Earth together.


With deep roots in Appalachia, we utilize a science-based educational approach to inform the public about the threats posed by the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. We empower individuals in the Ohio River Valley and beyond to advocate for their right to a healthy environment and to contribute to a caring, prosperous community. Our mission is to overcome systems of oppression, promoting peace, clean energy solutions, and a harmonious way of life. We are committed to ensuring Mother Earth is protected for current and future generations

Teaser: Goliath is Wobbling by The Peak Plastic Foundation

Jill Hunkler's Stand: Fighting for Environmental Justice in Barnesville

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